Nakka café and bar



EVERY DAY : 08.00 –  22.00

BREAKFAST BUFFET:  08.00 – 10.00


Feeling a bit hungry or fancy a drink with your fellow traveller. The Woodah cafe is open everyday and always has delicious danish style food and drinks that can be enjoyed in the cafe, hostel area or our outside patio. We have many locals that are using our cafe, so its a great place to mingle with the Danes and get a ‘real’ feel of the Copenhagen cafe life 5 feet from your bedroom. Oh, and not to forget, as a guest at Woodah hostel, you get a 20% discount on ALL DRINKS in the Cafe.

At Woodah we are supporting a local produce. Our food suppliers are dedicated to stewardship and committed to quality, so everything we serve at Woodah is fresh, organic and comes from near by.

Reasons why we do it:

1)  Locally grown food tastes and looks better.
2) Local food is better for you.
3) Local food preserves genetic diversity.
4) Local food is safe.
5) Local food supports local families.
6) Local food builds community.
7) Local food preserves open space.
8)  Local food keeps taxes down.
9) Local food benefits the environment and wildlife.
10) Local food is an investment in the future.



We work with: Prolog Kaffe, Anker Chokolade, Brus, Il Buco, Naturfrisk, Mindeslund, Copenhagen Distillery, Æbletoft Gårds Bryggeri, Bægedygtig.