Wondering about the WOODAH concept?

The idea arose after several years of extensive globe trotting in search of existential fulfillment. What we found in many of the places visited, was admirable compassion and hospitality to respectful foreigners.

Upon returning home, we detected a lack of charming affordable accommodation in our own city and decided to assist in the development of welcoming principles and practices. First and foremost, WOODAH is a hostel offering affordable and comfy beds in a clean and consciously evolving environment.


Including all the necessities a curious budget traveler would seek is our goal. Additionally, we have borrowed from the world of yoga to create a tranquil homey setting in an otherwise busy urban landscape.


We offer free yoga classes for all staying guests. Held in our little shala, here you can also carry out self practice around scheduled classes. Woodah’s surroundings and services will reflect our mission for, ‘healthy rather than wealthy’.


Keeping a dedicated focus on local, organic and sustainable products.


If yoga is not your cup of tea, no worries.


We welcome all flavors to contribute to happy times. Whether chilling at the bar, or doing the downward dog. Woodah is located in the hip and up-to-the-minute area of Vesterbro. Home to some of the top bars and restaurants.


The area also offers a wide range of shopping alternatives, parks, galleries, museums and all-purpose street life living. It is our goal to crate an atmosphere where travelers connect, respect and interact.

A helping hand is always welcomed (if interested in volunteering at woodah for free accomodation please send us an email ).


The staff at woodah is all part-time recruits as well as real Copenhagen folks with authentic knowledge of what’s happening in the city.

From the mainstream tourist attractions to the underground scene with arts, projects, local music etc. Dont hesitate to ask around, share your interest, and we might be able to hook you up to relevant people, places and events around Copenhagen.